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Philiphaugh News September 2015


The Cauld And Salmon Viewing Centre

By contrast to July, August has been a dry month and the river is low. Some salmon have been observed ascending the fish pass successfully. The annual autumn migration will start as soon as a good rise over water in the river occurs.


An exciting new exhibit of a working model of an Archimedes screw turbine has been installed in the visitor centre. The turbine is placed in a large fish tank of water and on activating a switch a pump directs water over the turbine, replicating the river flowing over a full size turbine. As the turbine turns a generator electricity is created and you will see an explanation of this process come onto the electronic screen. After seeing the model you will have a better understanding of how the two giant Archimedes screw turbines operate in the Ettrick Water.


Work on the Selkirk Flood Prevention Scheme is going well and the new flood bank is almost complete. A footpath will be made along the top of the bank and landscaping will be carried out to replace the trees, which were felled. 


Philiphaugh Gardens

Autumn Stawberries and Raspberries are on sale in the Gardens. Together with several varaties of vegetables.


The gardens are open Monday to Friday 8-4 and weekends by appointment.


The estate has a number of beautiful walks at any time. Please collect a leaflet or consult the map in the salmon viewing centre for route information.


Mobile Phone App

To listen to our fascinating audio tour of the estate and battlefield go to


Battlefield Self Guided Walk

Leaflets and a booklet about the battlefield project are available from the Waterwheel Cafe.


Salmon DVD

A fully narrated film entitled "The Philiphaugh Salmon" showing twenty minutes worth of the best, recorded images from the salmon viewing center, will be available to purchase from the Waterwheel Restaurant.

The species included are salmon, trout, grayling, eel, perch, a brief view of an otter knocking the camera and a goosander swimming underwater below the cauld.

All proceeds will be used towards the upkeep of the centre, for the purchase of equipment, cameras and towards maintaining the facilities. The DVD is priced at £5.